Achieving a Salon Straight Hair From Home

Have you noticed that your hair always looks its best after leaving the salon? – Well, I certainly have and I’m quite sure that this is the case for most people.  It used to feel like an unattainable dream to be able to get salon straight hair from home. The truth is that if you use the right tools, products, and technique, you can achieve a salon straight hairstyle from the comfort of your own home. You can actually make your hair look just as good as it looks after a salon visit. By implementing these tips, you’ll be surprised with results that you can get from home…

Consider the Straightening Tool Itself

  • Pay attention to what materials the device you’ll be straightening with is made up of. This has a major effect on the straightening effect and how your hair is treated as a whole. The right materials provide consistent heating as well as making the hair shiny and healthy too. Reliable materials are ceramic for consistent even heating throughout the straightening process, titanium for ultra-fast heating and tourmaline for ultimate shine due to the high amount of negative ions released.
  • Depending on your hair type and the hair cut you have will determine the size of the device you should have, it is not a one size fits all matter.

Short hair types with either thin or thick hair should use a flat iron with a narrow plate which will make it easy to maneuver while allowing you to straighten in small sections right to the root.

Long hair types with either thin or thick hair should use a flat iron with a wider plate as it allows you to cover more space at a time.

  • The temperature range should be appropriate for your hair type. Lower temps are better for fine-normal hair and thick hair types require a higher heat to achieve a salon straightened hairstyle.

Be Sure to Prepare Your Hair Properly

It’s important to prepare your hair for the styling procedure. Without preparing your hair properly, you won’t attain the results you long for.

  1. You should always straighten freshly washed hair. By ensuring the hair is clean and completely dry hair is the first step you need to take in order to achieve an accurately straighten hairstyle.
  2. Before your hair is dry, apply a heat protectant product, any form will do – either serum, leave-in conditioner or any kind of your preference. You can also apply heat protection when your hair is dry by the means of sprays or mists.
  3. Your hair must be completely dry before you start using a straightening tool. Either allow your hair to air dry if you have the time dry or blow-dry it. It’s better to allow your hair to air dry if you have time on your hands because the least amount of heat you apply on your hair, the better! Although blow drying isn’t as damaging as flat ironing, it’s still a form of heat application; therefore, it dehydrates the hair so try to refrain from blow drying on a regular basis. Save it for the times when you’re really pushed for time and need to dry your hair super-fast (always apply a heat protectant before using a hair dryer too).
  4. Ensure your hair is completely tangle-free so that the straightener can run through the hair without any troubles.

Do you want to have a Sleek or Voluminous Hairstyle?

Pin Straight – for the pin straight look, you need to section the hair in order to achieve perfectly straight strands throughout the hairstyle. Clip the hair into sections starting from the back of your head and working your way up to the crown of your head and finishing with the front. This method will ensure your hair is perfectly straight and sleek from top to bottom!

Voluminously Straight – If you prefer something with a bit more volume, then you should use a use a hair straightening brush or hot air brush as it’s definitely the easiest and most efficient way to achieve this kind of hairstyle! An electric hair brush and hot air brush are perfect for making the hair smooth and straight, without sacrificing volume. But there are in fact ways to achieve this look with a standard flat iron. If you want a voluminously straight hairstyle with a regular flat iron you should start straightening halfway down the hair length as this will leave volume at the roots.  Finish the hairstyle off with a texturizing spray and stay away from oils and serums as they weigh the hair down.

If it Still Doesn’t Look Salon Straight…

The only other reason why I could imagine it wouldn’t look like it’s professionally styled is if you’re overdue for a haircut. When you leave the salon, your hair is usually freshly trimmed so there are absolutely no dead ends, which makes the hair style look perfect. Perhaps your ends and a little dry and in need of a trim and you should do this in order to have your hair looking its best.


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