Choose ELOS – To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently

For those that would love to not worry about hair removal at all, ELOS should be considered. ELOS is a method that directs energy of both radio frequency and an intense pulsed light that work together to destroy the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, there will be no need to worry about hair removal! It can’t be guaranteed that everyone who uses this method won’t have to implement hair removal ever again because some people do get small amounts of hair growing back after several years but for the majority of people, hair removal is no longer a procedure that occurs in their life.

You don’t use the ELOS device once and automatically get to enjoy being hairless-no that would be even more that would be a miracle, hopefully, one day this will be possible. But for now, we have methods which provide permanent results after a period of time. In many ways, IPL, laser, and ELOS have their similarities. They each require a series of treatments and all use some form of laser light to penetrate the hair follicle. All IPL, laser, and ELOS provide results that eliminate the need to remove unwanted hair permanently or for a long period of time.

What Happens to the Hair

I’ll explain now how ELOS works and how many procedures you need to undertake before you start to notice the benefits. First, the hair follicle is heated up with the Intense Pulse Light (IPL).  Then, Radio Frequency (RF) is attracted to the heated follicle, therefore damaging the hair shaft and follicle. Hair grows in cycles so only the follicle in its active growth phase will be destroyed, which is why it’s necessary to carry out a series of procedures-to all follicles in their active growth stage until they are completely destroyed. After the procedure, the hair will fall out on its own after 10-12 days.

It’s necessary to undergo an average of 5-8 procedures before being completely hairless, it will remove even peach fuzz. The amount of time in between each session should be approximately 7 weeks and you can remove hair with either a razor or hair removal cream during this period.

Before the Procedure:

The hair needs to be 2-3mm, so it should be shaved 2-3 days prior to the procedure.

You need to apply a specific gel to the area.

You must wear specific glasses for protection from the flashing light.

How it Feels

You’ll be happy to hear that it doesn’t cause any painful feelings whatsoever. Permanent hair removal methods like laser, for example, have been known to feel like a rubber band getting flicked onto the skin and for some people this is intolerable but ELOS doesn’t hurt in any way at all. You can expect to feel a slight warm tingling sensation, but nothing uncomfortable. The energy setting can be adjusted in any case if you don’t like the feeling.

After Each Procedure:

A specific cream should be applied to soften the skin.

Several similar hair removal methods like laser and IPL require you to stay out of the sun for at least 24hours because of the chance of pigmented spots. With ELOS this is not necessary. You don’t need to stay out of the sun at all.

It doesn’t cause any injuries at all except swelling and redness which goes down within 3 hours.

In the past ELOS could only be performed by a specialist at a clinic, but now ELOS is available for at-home use which makes the procedure affordable for most people considering they won’t need to buy razors after the treatment is finished. Talk to a specialist to see whether the method is suitable for you and what temperature setting is the most ideal for you to use if you decide to do it from home.

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